Reflecting on 18-ish months with Jack

If I had a dollar for every time someone has told me as they walk by my ‘party of 5’ that I am a “busy woman”-  I would not only be busy, but I would also be rich.

I always wanted a lot of kids. I always wanted a loud house with lots of family involved. I wanted my kids close together, and I knew that being busy was part of that narrative.

We are so busy, in fact, that I lost track of time and didn’t even realize Jack was 18 months old. He is in fact 19 months as I write this. I couldn’t believe I didn’t even realize that, that my motherly instinct didn’t alarm to post the exact day on instagram for the world to celebrate and bask in the glory that is my perfect Jack.

But, there is also something really beautiful in not even realizing that milestone- we are simply too busy enjoying him, enjoying his bond with his sisters, watching him take in the world. We are busy laughing at his little jokes, learning his nuances, taking joy in all of his firsts. We are busy, but just not in that way people allude to as they pass us on the street. We are just too busy in love with him.

I remember the week before giving birth to him and being so worried about how it is unfair to my girls to bring another child into the world and take away from our already perfect family. Tears would fall as I thought about how he would fit into our rhythm. How wrong was I. He was the best gift I could give my girls, a sibling, and the best gift to give to ourselves. Jack is the missing puzzle piece in our family that we never knew we were missing.

Cheers to 18-ish.