Ornaments or Gifts, you decide.

In my past life, I was a crafty gal, doing crafty things. In this life, I craft as often as I can, I do love it. Realistically, I craft as much as I workout. So, like once a month. Christmas gave me a reason to get crafty!

This year, I wanted to have a few little gifts on hand for my kids’ teachers, instructor’s, etc. Enter the homemade ornament, but make it fashion.


These Ornaments are easy to make. Here is how you do it!

What you need

Clear Plastic Ornaments

A Glittery, Holiday Pick

Cream Grosgrain Ribbon




Cut the Holiday Pick into pieces. Take the top off of the plastic ornament, and place in the piece of pick you cut. Add a ribbon of your choice and voila!


You can use anything in the ornament based on what you want it to look like. Ideas: fresh greens, olive branch, pinecones. I used the glittery pick for my girl’s ballet ¬†teachers because that seemed like the vibe they would like. Girly, festive, sophisticated!

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