My Thanksgiving Table with Frederic Magazine

When Frederic Magazine recently asked me to write a story on setting the “Perfect Neutral Tablescape” for Thanksgiving, I jumped at the chance


Here is the article I was honored to pen for Frederic Magazine and all the tips and tricks are below. A pinch me moment as it is the first article I have ever penned! Thankful for the opportunity, Frederic! Very Thankful.


If someone were to ask me my favorite color, I would probably answer “earth tones”. I am a lover of all things neutral. In a world of patterns and colors, I found a corner that is patternless and colorless, and I am happiest there. Cream linens, white dishes, dark clay vessels, and autumnal hued flowers set the scene. Add a festive, seasonal cocktail, your nearest and dearest, and toast to all the things you are thankful for. (And, yes, it goes without saying that you are very thankful for these 8 tips below!)


  1. Start with your Inspiration 


When I go shopping for my centerpiece, I have no idea what the finished product is going to look like. I go to the store and see what inspires me from the produce section to the flowers section. I think about the varying textures, earthy tones, and a cohesive color palette and let this dictate the direction and tone of the table setting. For me, the Cattails, Fiddleheads, and Bunny Tails were the starting point here and I went from there. 


  1. Carry your Color Palette Throughout 


Once you decide on your centerpiece, this color palette will then dictate the rest. I usually limit it to the colors of the chosen foliage with my go-to neutrals. For example, I found a beautiful rust-colored rose for my flower arrangements and that inspired the rust- colored ribbon around my napkins.


  1. Add Special Touches


I added little name cards to each napkin. I used a handmade seeded paper that I bought on Etsy that can be planted and will sprout plants. I thought this was a creative touch to play on the theme of harvest, while still adding a personal touch. 


  1. Layer in Seasonal Items


When I think of autumn I think of harvest, changing leaves, and cornucopias of bounty. I lean into this for my decor and layer in seasonal items. Ideas for Thanksgiving include: Gourds, Pumpkins, Pomegranates, Persimmons, Figs, even acorns or turning leaves from your front yard. 


  1. Think beyond Fresh


Dried and preserved plants add a lot of visual interest and are a perfect addition for Autumn. From dried or preserved Wheat, Amaranth, or Grasses, they add a different texture to the mix. On this table, I used preserved Bunny Tails in my arrangements and dried Amaranth strewn across the table and tucked in each napkin. Best part, you can use them year after year!


  1. Skip the Tablecloth 


As a mom of three toddlers, I can promise that you won’t find me steaming my tablecloth in my free time (what free time!?), so most of the time, I skip the tablecloth. One less thing to do on a busy day! And, it keeps the table minimal. 


  1. Create a Bar Moment


I like to clear out my everyday decor and create an impromptu bar moment and serving station. I like to do one large, statement floral arrangement and then layer in seasonal items. I add a water pitcher, an ice bucket, cocktail glasses, and a few bottles of wine and all the fixings for our guests’ cocktail of choice.


  1. Offer a Special, Seasonal Cocktail 


Growing up, I remember my mom and dad would make a special cocktail for the events they hosted. It was a fun, creative, and special touch. So, I have made it my mission to carry on the seasonal cocktail torch. My go-to recipe this year is here. 



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