Mood: Peace



I do not have words for this moment in time. I don’t even know how to process what I am seeing in Ukraine. It seems so trivial to add extra sugar to an already sugary life in a time when people’s lives are being upended before our very eyes. It has felt wrong to share on social media. I have felt feelings of guilt to laugh. To smile.

I recently saw a quote this week that helped me re-frame what I was seeing and feeling. It said “creation is the opposite of destruction.”

My overwhelming feelings of triviality and insensitivity, were somewhat subdued by this.  Art and creativity provide light. We need beauty. It doesn’t take away the anxiety in a world of unrest, it doesn’t take away others pain, but it does provide a temporary escape. It  allows us to feel. To feel compassion. To feel empathy. Our feelings, our empathy, our donations, our fear, our art can all somehow live together.


I put together a mood board with the theme of peace. This is how I personally am coping- trying to use my creativity to find hope in some way.  Quotes that resonated, places we find solace, places of worship, an olive branch, and beautiful symbols from Ukraine. Symbols of peace to hopefully bring hope in some small, beautiful, and admittedly insignificant way.


Note: Beyond thoughts and prayers, I have personally donated to World Central Kitchen (@wckitchen and @chefjoseandres) to help feed the over 1 million refugees of this war. I realize there are many causes that need our help, but this is just one that called to me. Donate directly at