Life: Pregnant with Jack // An Honest Snapshot in Time

This is one of my favorite photos. A snapshot in time as I am about to welcome my son into this world. The last few moments with my girls, just us. The last few moments as life as it once was.

Pregnant through a pandemic. Pregnant, again. Less unknown this time around, but still anxious about changing what I have come to know. I would think to myself, how could I possibly love anyone as much as I love my girls. I thought to myself, why do I want more than this? Why mess up such a good thing? It felt guilty to want more than what I already had. So worried about taking time away from them, worried about the juggle, the balance.

But, also so excited to meet my son. To see myself in him, my husband in him, to learn about him, to see his unique gifts, and us all fall in love with every bit of him.

As I look back, as I reflect, it feels so good to know that it is all good. Your heart gets bigger, you just love more. Jack was the perfect addition. Life unfolds perfectly as it should. Anxiety morphs into overwhelming joy. Beautifully, chaotic. But, beautiful nonetheless.

Dress: Sue Sartor and Julia Amory 

Hat: Cuyana

Location: Llano, Texas