Inspiring Places: Amangiri

You know how sometimes you get a place in your mind and you just can’t get it out? That is Amangiri for me. Since the first time I saw a photo of it years ago, I told myself one day I will go there. Then I looked at the price, and decided that maybe its more fun to look at photos.

Then last year, I had Covid on my birthday and quarantined for ten days alone in our back house. Remember when that was a thing? RIP, depressing ten day quarantines. Let me tell you, you are not missed.

This year we celebrate my 35th (a big birthday!) and our ten year wedding anniversary (a big anniversary!) and, we decided to book two nights at Amangiri to celebrate both, and to overcompensate for my Covid Birthday (so, thank you depressing, ten day quarantine, you came in handy). Honestly, it was the only way we could ever justify it. But, I will say, it is the most beautiful scenery and hotel I have ever been to in my life. As a devout wearer of all things neutral, this place checked every box for me from the vistas to the interior design. It may be another ten years until we go back, but no question I am already looking forward to it. It is a truly magical place.