In Bloom: Fall Flower Arranging Tips with Rue Magazine

“Growing up, my dad would take me to the flower shop every Saturday. He would let me create any bouquet for my mom and create any bouquet for me. This was really my first introduction into flowers and I have loved them ever since. Recently, I asked my twin daughters to use three words to describe me and their first comment was, “she loves flowers.” I felt very understood!” – DL 

 Use any Decorative Vessel

I used a vintage pot I recently bought at Round Top, but It doesn’t hold water. So, I used a glass vase and added water to it and placed it inside of the pot. Voilla! 

 Start with No Plan

I always buy flowers without a plan in mind. You never know what will be in stock or the color palette options. I like to get inspired with what I see and go from there!

Think about Texture, Tone, the Color Palette, and the Season

When buying flowers, I think about texture, tone, and color palette and seasonal items. I love incorporating unique things I don’t see often. For example, here I used Balloon Plants a fun and unique addition to add some interest. For the Fall, I like to think about fall hues and textures I can incorporate.

The Clip Commitment

I always eye ball when I cut my blooms, but if you are worried about the dreaded clip commitment, just hold the stem up next the vessel and measure where you want to cut it and go from there. Be sure to under-clip, you can always cut more if it is too tall, but you can’t add stem back!

Step back and look at your work 

I often step back and look at my work. Sometimes when you are too “in it” you lose sight of the  overall shape and composition. Step back and you can see it in a totally different way. 

Remember, it is a Work in Progress 

I often add something to an arrangement and take it away later. Remember that the arrangement is a work in progress and can be constantly edited until you think it is done.

Carry your Eye

I often add a grouping of blooms in one color on one side and also add the blooms in the same color palette across the vase. This helps carry your eye across and makes the arrangement more dynamic. Here I did this with the chartreuse viburnum and the red Kangaroo Paw and the red pepper berries. 

Think outside the box

I often love incorporating fruits, vegetables, items from my backyard, and dried or preserved florals. Here, I used dried Bunny Tail. Dried flowers are great because you can use them year after year. I especially love using them in the Autumn because they remind me of harvest. Let me tell you, I will break for things on the side of the road to add to my collection! 

Thing about what you need to fill the vessel

When making a large arrangement, you need to be sure you have a plant that has some volume to fill the vessel. Here, I used the apricot Garden Rose for this purpose, but other plants like hydrangea, peonies or Dalias can be used for this. 

 Cluster Like items

I generally like to add plants and flowers in clusters. Here, I added the Apricot Roses in clusters of 3-4 around the vase. The clustered look gives the the arrangement intention and a nice focal point. 

Gently Open your Blooms 

If a flower is too closed, you can gently open it with your fingers. Easy way to help the flower along and open on your timeline. 

Edit, Edit, Edit 

Just like my mom told me growing up, take off one thing before you leave the house and wipe your bronzer down, show your beautiful face! I can hear here in the back of my head now! Edit, Edit, Edit. You don’t have to use everything you bought if it isn’t adding anything. Your bedside table can always use a bloom! 

Lastly, Enjoy! 

As a true Virgo, Nature makes me so happy! I love bringing the outdoors in and find so much happiness and inspiration with fresh flowers and plants in my home. We can’t control the outside world, but we can control a few things. Get inspired and enjoy their beauty!