In Bloom: Black and White 

In the vase

Black and white Anemones

Olive branches

White Peonies

Poppy Pods



Nigella Pods

Let’s face it, I fancy myself a florist. This is likely post 1 of 1,000 involving flowers. Every Saturday growing up, I would go to the local flower shop with my dad. He would let me design an arrangement for my mom and a smaller one for myself. Then in college, I went and worked for that very same flower shop. Although, I usually do one vase with the same bloom, sometimes I prefer to arrange different flowers for parties, gifts, or more realistically, for myself based on what inspires me.

When buying flowers I start by thinking about the color scheme, tones, and textures. What is adding visual interest? What is adding height? What is outside of the box?

I start with a color scheme. Here I went with black, white, and green. I think about tone and texture. Here I added sage, Nigella pods, and Poppy pods, and Olive Branches to add texture and varying tones of green. I used a black vase to reference the middle of the black and white Anemones.