How I Found my Personal Style

I have always loved earth-tones and neutrals. I am a virgo, after all. This last year, when everyone was learning dances on TikTok, I got off of all social media- I am not that great of a dancer, anyway.

I knew I wanted to start my own business, and I wanted to truly find my voice. I wanted this business to be authentic to me and my style and in order to do so, I had to be sure I knew my style.

Historically, I found that when I looked at social media, I followed a lot of people with different styles. I could appreciate their point of view, and respected their style, but found that all of the images were influencing me in different ways.

So, in an effort to remove those influences, rather than mindlessly browse my feeds, I started to hone in on the things that I bookmarked, the pages I flagged, spent deep dives on Pinterest and Tumblr. The more time I spent, the more it became abundantly clear.

Nuanced neutrals, quiet texture, sculptural objects. A dose of masculinity. An understated ease.

I feel that this exercise was so inspiring. I knew these were the things I liked before, but to understand that with such clarity and consistency, that was really eye-opening.

So, now from my fashion to my interiors to the branding of my new business, these descriptors sum up my style and my over-arching point of view in such an authentic and thoughtful way. That feels really good.

Sorry, Meta, but maybe we all could all use a break from social to do some soul-searching!