Chic, DIY Holiday Wreaths

This year I could not find a wreath I liked for the life of me, so I set aside my list of about 100 significantly more pressing matters, and I dabbled my hand in wreath-making.

All you need:

metal ring

Floral Wire 


Greenery of choice, I used Pine and Cedar.


Clip desired greenery in a bundle, about 4 pieces of the same type of greenery.

Hold onto wire ring and using the floral wire, wrap the base of the stems of the greenery around the metal ring about 5 times. Cut the wire with the clippers and twist the ends of the wire together to secure.

Grab the next handful of greenery and place clockwise, so all the greenery is in the same direction. When you wrap the stems, be sure to wrap under the tops of the greens you just tied on. You do not want the wrapped stems to show. They should always be hidden underneath the top of the branches you placed.

Repeat over and over until the wreath is full. I personally did a pattern of pine then cedar, pine then cedar. I personally like the juxtaposition of the two greenery types together.


Ideas for Greenery options: Pine, Cedar, Eucalyptus, Boxwood, Olive Branches, the list goes on!