about a year ago

about a year ago

about a year ago, we threw caution to the wind and moved to Barcelona. 

We have learned so many lessons and I hardly recognize myself from a year ago. One of the biggest lessons we have learned is that we only have one life.

I started seeing things in such a different way — the life we lead, the choices we make, and how I view myself. I realized we so often seek validation and recognition from others, when who we really need it from is ourselves. So, this past year was a gift that I didn’t know I needed, and with it came the best gift of all — a new perspective.  By stepping away from my old life, I created space to get to know myself better, see what I value, understand my dreams. I was able to get honest about my purpose and also my shadows. We all have different dreams of a fulfilling life, and I was able to realize the pursuits that were on my heart and that resonated with my unique gifts and priorities. When I thought about my purpose, and when I was unapologetically me, it always came back to beauty. 

Seeing the beauty in the small moments – The beauty of a child holding your hand, the beauty of family, the beauty of a leaf falling from a tree, the beauty of a ripe fruit at the market, the beauty of a bloom in a vessel, the beauty of experiencing a new place and culture, the beauty of laughter.  Seeking, noticing, and appreciating this beauty, this I realized was one of my gifts. 

Enter Devon Liedtke. A business dreamed out of the appreciation of beauty in the everyday, beauty in the small moments. A business that feels aligned and so authentic to me. What feels like a natural step in my personal progression. The next chapter in the story. 

Combining so many of the things I love. Creativity by designing each product and each collection. Creativity by styling each shoot and bringing these idea to life. Family by working with my husband everyday. Combining our (oh so very different) skillsets, while still knowing that family will always come first for us. Connection by meeting and working with new people, learning about new cultures, and working with talented, small makers around Europe. Connection by working with creative friends who also appreciate the beauty in this world, and then connection by selling the same very items to people while also learning about their life. If you know me, you know I can take a conversation deep quickly, and I love that this business allows me to talk at length with friends and new customers that become friends. 

I think this dream has been on my heart for a long time and I know that this last year has taught me that we only live one life, and we must not let fear hold us back from the things we want. We are already going for so many dreams, so what is one more? I already threw caution to the wind, so now it is time to throw fear to the wind.

Following the inspiration. Following the beauty. And, seeing where it all goes.

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