Devon is a multidisciplinary creative, interior designer, tabletop enthusiast, and white button-down collector. The Texas native has developed a reputation for her love of nuanced neutral and her fresh take on collected minimalism, from the spaces she designs and tables she sets to her fashion sense.

After graduating from Southern Methodist University, Devon began her career as a CPA, navigating the financial world. Although she enjoyed employing her business sense, it was not long before she pursued her true passion, interior design.


Eager to learn as much as she could in the design industry, she ventured to London and Paris to attend design programs. During her time abroad, she was exposed to classic and modern styles of architecture, art and interiors, which helped develop her personal design aesthetic. After design school, she returned to Houston to work for Paloma Contreras Design. She later dove into the retail world, when the two partnered to open Paloma and Co in Houston, Texas.


A lifelong learner of time and place, it was a natural extension for Devon to combine all the elements of her path to launch her own business, Devon Liedtke where she will be offering services and The DL by Devon Liedtke where she will share her inspirations. Working with clients and brands, Devon gives each project her refined, classic touch, ensuring simple sophistication.


When Devon is not fine-tuning projects or creating her next concept, you can find her juggling her creative endeavors nearside her three children and husband, cooking up a new design scheme or recipe. The juggle, after all, is what goes into defining her distinctive and very personal style. Now, she’s here to share all of that with you.


Devon Liedtke —



Devon Liedtke’s affinity for design in every form and fashion has led her to create and collaborate with like-minded brands and clients throughout her career.


The Texas native has developed a reputation for nuanced neutrals and fresh takes on collected minimalism, from the spaces she designs to the tables she sets. From interior design and styling to product development and content creation, her repertoire is multidisciplinary and established. 



The DL by Devon Liedtke was born as an outlet for Devon to share her creative ventures for the home and her everyday inspirations. As a curator, creative and designer, she shares what shapes her distinctive and refined style, which is influenced by real life. Perfectly imperfect table settings, recipes, and floral arranging blend with authentic, awe-inspiring moments to bring you The DL.