A note on the Garden

Readers note before we begin – I swear I came out of the womb as a middle-aged woman! I grew up gardening and have always loved it! Growing up, my dad and mom gave me a piece of our garden that was “mine”. I was allowed to grow and test any plants I wanted. I remember Saturdays growing up – a soccer practice in the morning, a run to the local florist for flowers for my mom, and then we would work together in the garden as a family. I vividly remember my little section of the garden, I trained sweet peas, grew peonies, and snipped cosmos for vases around my house. I even more vividly remember being so proud that the peonies worked when my dad insisted they wouldn’t. Devon -1, Dad -0.

When I went off to college, my parents sold our house, and with it our garden. My mom called me to tell me to say my “goodbyes” to my childhood home, and like any “normal” 20 year old, co-ed would do, I rushed home and dug up all my peonies to transplant at my parents new house.

I tied a note to the peonies and left them on my parents doorstep with a note that read – “Houses come and go, but memories stay forever”. Flowers, gardens, and nature are that for me. And, always really have been.

Here are a few garden essentials that I have been eyeing.


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